I'm a Creative Project Manager

My job is to raise the bar, support, and visually curate the content. Paying attention to details, proposing solutions to different eventualities. Working in a team with editors, project managers, and clients.

Burn Your Socks

Created 10 dynamic Matrix Videos each for Grip6 Wallet and Grip6 Wool Socks. Consistent hooks and endings, 10-15 sec unique messages.

Learn Diferent

Craft an exciting short film to attract funders for the Community Energy Project. Showcase its potential as a resilience model for older buildings in underresourced communities, addressing racism, climate change, and more.

Right To The Future

Attorneys advocate for 100 Proof campaign, urging peers to donate $1K to support juris doctorate scholars and drive change.

The Two Faces

It’s the story of a woman on a spiritual journey. It’s the story of two sides of the American psyche colliding—the indigenous Native Americans and the scientists who, in order to save the world, could destroy it.